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All tankless water heaters have to be installed by a licensed professional that has been trained and certified by the manufacturer of the water heater. Water heater (tankless or tank) installations are not a do it yourself project. Unless you are certified and trained by the manufacturer, you should not install the water heater yourself. Doing so can cause severe harm, injuries and accidents.

We are one of the very few factory authorized retailers for Rinnai tankless water heaters. Rinnai has worked with us to provide you with a list of installers in your area by simply providing your zip code.. You can access the list here: 

We are a also factory direct distributor for Noritz tankless water heaters. 

For Navien tankless water heaters - Kindly enter the name of the Navien certified installer installing your Navien water heater in the checkout page of the purchase. You can find the list of installers only on Navien's website. You should not buy the product unless you have an installer certified by Navien and currently listed on their website.