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Navien NPE-240A 199,000 BTU Condensing PremiumGas Tankless Water Heater


Navien NPE-240A 199,000 BTU Condensing PremiumGas Tankless Water Heater

Navien has been pushing the boundaries of efficiency for 25 years. The NPE-240A is a result of their dedication to providing an effective and green water heating unit. The NPE-240A and all Navien models utilize condensing technology which captures additional heat lost by typical water heaters. The Navien NPE-240A's energy factor is superior to both traditional water heaters and noncondensing tankless models. Reduced vent temperatures due to this condensing technology allow you to use PVC venting, which saves you money and contributes to the ease of installation. The Navien NPE-240A has excellent technology for reducing your heating costs and carbon footprint.

Product Features:

ComfortFlow Technology
ComfortFlow is Navien's recirculation system and it is included in the NPE-240A. By combining a small insulated buffer tank with a recirculation pump the NPE-240A ensures that you will always have hot water available instantly.

Help the Environment
The Navien NPE-240A will reduce your home's impact on the environment. Eco Pre-mixed Burners reduce CO and NOx emissions by combining gas heating and air before ignition. The result is a nearly 75% reduction in polluting emissions. In fact, an installed Navien NPE-240A reduces CO2 by the same amount as 31 cypress trees.

Incredible Efficiency
Navien products reduce energy consumption without sacrificing comfort. Their tankless models, such as this one, only heat water when you need it, reducing energy expenditure. Also, the NPE-240A uses a secondary heat exchanger to transform condensation and exhaust into additional heat. This reduces the ventilation temperature and increases the energy factor. The NPE-240A's efficiency translates directly into savings on operation costs for you!

Tremendous Durability
The Navien NPE-240A uses stainless steel for the Eco Pre-mixed Burner and both heat exchangers. This prevents corrosion and increases the lifespan of your NPE-240A. 

A Product You Can Trust
Navien products are recognized by an array of organizations. The NPE-240A is certified by Energy Star; the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute; the Canadian Standards Association; and the National Sanitation Foundation.

Product Includes:

  • (1) Conversion Kit
  • (1) Wall Mounting Bracket
  • (4) Tapping Screw & Anchor
  • (2) 2" Vent Termination Cap
  • (4) 2" Wall Flange

Product Specifications:

General Data
Product Line NPE
Fuel Source Natural Gas
Vent Type Direct Vent
Storage Type Tankless
Installation Location Indoor/Outdoor
Gas Conversion Kit Included
Performance Data
Flow Rate at 45F Temperature Rise (GPM) 8.7
Maximum Input Capacity (BTU) 199900
Minimum Input Capacity (BTU) 19900
Energy Factor 0.97
Minimum Flow Rate (GPM) 0
Electrical Data
Voltage (Volts) 120
Phase 1
Frequency (Hertz) 60
Primary Vent Pipe Diameter (Inches) 3
Secondary Vent Pipe Diameter (Inches) 2
Gas Connection Size (Inches) 3/4
Cold Water Inlet (Inches) 3/4
Hot Water Outlet (Inches) 3/4
Product Height (Inches) 27 2/5
Product Width (Inches) 17 3/10
Product Depth (Inches) 13 1/5
Product Weight (Pounds) 82
Energy Star Listed Yes
CSA Listed Yes
AHRI Certified Yes
NSF Listed Yes

Note: Navien is not affiliated with and does not sponsor, endorse or support Hebron Consumer Products or support/warranty products on this website.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Happy me. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Mar 2019

    I was very hesitant about installing a tankless water heater. It just didn't make sense that it wouldbe able to keep up very well. I bought it because the Navien came highly recommended by a couple of people I know. So far I am very happy with it. I have 17 people staying with me over the 4th of July weekend. That will be the real test. Please send the survey out again towards the end of the year. I am concerned about the lack of a warranty.

  2. Awesome Product! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Mar 2019

    Installed with zero issues. Water reaches furthermost part in under 20 seconds. System learns on the go, and I expect the AM showers to be ready in under 10 seconds after a week or so. Very impressed with system. Make sure you install it as recommended, as it took installer about 7 hours from start to finish.

  3. Good Unit - Some Issues 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Jul 2018

    This unit has worked well for the most part powerful, not too loud, and efficient. A few concerns to consider, when purchasing a Navien online you get NO WARRANTY, something that would be nice to know ahead of time. After about 3 months of it working perfectly it started to throw and error code. E060 double venturi I talked with my plumber but he had no ideas of what to do other than call Navien. This is now my issue because I bought it online and the warranty is void. Another feature that I feel could be better is the learn feature for the recirculate pump, the unit is set to recirculate hot water and learn when we need it. It has done well as learning the morning routine but does not seem to be learning the evening schedule it has been about 6 weeks now.
    Other than that great unit just be wary you may not be saving as much $$ as you think buying it online.

  4. Great water heater 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Mar 2018

    Navien is a great heater but if you buy it on-line, there is (no warranty). Bought NPE-240A to replace a 9 year old Navien CR-210. Hope there are no Issues.

  5. Awesome 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Oct 2017

    The tankless is great, Both the plumber and g as man were impressed with the unit.

  6. Great product-great pricing 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Apr 2017

    I now have three of these units in two homes. All three are working great. These have the internal recirculating pumps which provide hot water very quickly. Please send the review out again in 1-2 years.

  7. Let your plumber buy the unit - rebate 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Feb 2017

    This is a great product. So much better than old style, NM Gas Co is giving a $300 rebate if you install with a lisenced plumber who buys the unit. Warranty is only honored if the plumber buys it. Unit is never damaged in shipping. Installed price was approx. twice internet unit cost. And it promots spending your money locally.

  8. Too Early to tell - but it does work, 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Jan 2017

    This unit is installed and working - thank god there are no issues. The review is about what they don't tell you.
    The unit shipped with damages, the box was ripped and big dent in the top of the unit with the air intake filter was broken, mostly cosmetic, so we installed anyway as the installer was already planned.
    The company is in IL but do not ship from IL a big disappoint as I chose them base on location.
    Shipping was longer than anticipated and very high.

    Last but not least but the most important.
    Navien states clearly on the outside of the box. WARRANTY not valid for eCommerce (Internet) purchases which what we are all doing here. This was installed by a licensed plumber, so I am hoping there are no issues down the line. Had I known this I would have thought I little more. Proceed with caution and check with Navien before purchase.

  9. Superb, Trustworthy Company!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Dec 2016

    The first water heater came damaged in shipping. It took a little work(pictures sent, phone calls) to get a replacement on the way. But this I can say: This is a company of absolute integrity. Order from them!!

  10. Fantastic Water Heater 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Jun 2016

    Packaged well, delivered on time, installed easily, works perfectly. Very satisfied with store, and with water heater.

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